January 16, 2017

When you have princess Elsa in the house!

This is my pending post about my daughter's birthday party. She is so obsessed with Frozen movie . She can watch it almost everyday. So of course she requested to be Elsa on her birthday party.
Here I share  a few photos on the preparation for birthday.

Tutu dress, I make this skirt using tulle, white & blue.

September 6, 2016

IMKK yg pertama - my new journey.

Salam and hi.

  Missing  IMKK crowd like crazy....ha baru tau. padan muka kan.... now kat telinga asik dengar bara bara, bere bere jer. pastuh NA NA NA NA NA NA NAA... Semua anak didik Dr Azizan Osman memang akan jadi macam nih yek. Tak pe tak pe..... SWITCH.......

Anda Kaya & Berjaya!
IMKKSep16 you are AWESOME!

Tiba masa untuk mempraktikkan segala ajaran tuk guru DAO.

                                                      FAST ACTION FAST RESULT.
Jom bertindak!

August 12, 2016

Rey Staff DIY

A few choice to make your own Rey's staff
1. Using all steel material.
2. Mix & match as long it looks like in the movie.
3. 3D print (love the out come)

My choice would be no 2. As long it looks like the original Rey's staff .
A few research from youtube and i used below items to make the staff for the kids.

 Final product.

August 2, 2016